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Unix is a good friend of mine.

I cut my teeth on edition 7 on a PDP 11/70 and then moved to BSD 4.2 running on Vaxen (750 & 780). I briefly played with a Sun 2 in the lab at school, then had a Sun 3/50 workstation for my first 9-5 job. Well, 10-6. Or maybe 11-7 sometimes.

At home I had this behemoth for a few years from a company I cannot remember the name of, then replaced it with SCO on 386 hardware. I tried unsuccessfully to get a 386BSD system up at one point, and then returned to FreeBSD a few years later. I am not sure what the version number of my first FreeBSD install was, but I am tempted to say 2 or 3. I've been running it at home ever since. Over the two plus decades of my professional career, I have had a windows desktop less than 15% of the time, the rest has been ttys or X.

I've had a freebsd machine on the net 24x7 since 1996.

I know unix.

comment Why can I only use apt-get when I use “su”?
Interesting. My first guess is that sudo is not grabbing the full login profile of root, and therefore does not pickup the proper proxy configuration. When you su and apt-get as separate operations it works, however? Here are some other things to try: 'su' vs 'su -': is there a difference?