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comment Connecting to wireless router
It seems early driver versions doesn't have a separate folder. Put all these four *.fw files to /lib/firmware directly.
comment Connecting to wireless router
Try to reconfigure you router to not use any encryption for a while. Then on the linux box do iwconfig eth1 essid MyDevice && dhclient eth1. It helps to localize the problem (whether it in WPA engine or the whole driver).
comment Appending timestamp stamp along with log file lines
Just improved the answer. Explained why fifo blocks your tailf, added the right way to use it. Actually the way with tailf seems to be more elegant, but I leaved the fifo way with hope it will be useful for someone.
comment Extrat tar “Cannot open: File name too long”
Linux File Systems usually don't limit path length (see comparsion table). As for trace logs - if you're not aware with programming you could place files at for example, but first ensure files contain no private data. Also if you don't need this particular file then you could just try to exclude it on extraction: tar tar -xvf tarball.tar --exclude="copyFileNameHere" or even exclude all files starting with the sharp sign: tar -xvf tarball.tar --exclude="#*"