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comment How can I mount partitons in a full disk image (i.e. image with partition table) with fuse?
Addition: it should also be possible to make a simple vmdk file which references the disk image as RW 55296000 FLAT "disk.img" 0 or something like that (with extra headers and the correct size in 512-byte blocks) (I don't know if there's a tool to easily generate those).
comment How to configure external IP addresses for LXC guests?
I did approximately the same (except with a bit more manual setting up): netup script in each lxc config to add veth to the bridge (on the host), manual IP setup in each container, additional script / interface in each container to set up routing (via ip4 forwarding on host). But, as far as I see, both solutions mean that container can set own IP address to pretty much anything (and also adding the primary interface of the host to a bridge is slightly inconvenient). So I'm also interested in some feedback/solution.