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comment Linux: allowing an user to listen to a port below 1024
or perhaps even more worryingly, "There's this system that I have partially hacked into, that I can crash the web service on, and I want to put up my own website in its place, so I can capture every ones user name and password, but I am being thwated by this secure port thing..."
comment Linux: allowing an user to listen to a port below 1024
This question is open to interpretation. I'm hoping that you mean "you have created a new system service that you (as root) would like to run in an unprivileged account for security reasons" (considered good practice) and not "I have a user that's asked if they can run their own web server on my system, how do I allow them access?" (considered rather poor practice)
comment Force dhcp client to get a new lease
Imagine what chaos would occur if a DHCP server forgot its leases over a reboot. you could potentially end up with the same IP address being assigned to two different computers.
comment Mount windows Users directory as /home in linux virtual machine
I'd run samba on the linux VM and allow for file transfers between the OS's that way. I hope the Windows OS is not Vista, but even with XPsp3 or Windows 7, you will need substantial ammounts of memory to run the VM machines fairly. I'm hoping its a 64bit version of Windows 7, and you have upped the memory above 4GB - then everything runs quite nicely with VMWare. Windows Vista 32bit with 3.25GB is just about bearable, but 2GB of memory and VM are just painful.