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I am fond of computer science since 2000.

I am a student at the Saint Petersburg Polytechnical University(computer science).

Currently I am a software developer in a science company which creates hardware & software for data processing obtained from different types of navigation devices, it`s products are widely used in air, marine navigation by civil and military companies.

The following areas of CS have great importance/ interest for me
- operational systems;
- computer architecture;
- math (discret math, computations methods, alghorithms theory);
- databases (especially design);
- problem solving;
- program languages.

I registered at the stackoverflow because it is the greate source of knowledge for me, where you can ask question end get a proffessional answer on it.
Also it allows to test your comprehension of art of programming by answering questions and getting responses from participants.

So I am very glad that I have found such a good community in which there are a lot of people who love computer science and enjoy their work, this ofcourse is true for me too).

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comment Trying to use multiple Debian repositories
I found in web information that this message is result of bug in apt implementation, but there were know usefull info for me how to deal with it
comment Trying to use multiple Debian repositories
Actually I dont need qt-designer. Maybe you mean Qt creator? You partly answered my question by giving semantics for installing package from given repository. I cant try it out because, as I figured out to update Qt by this way I have to install all elements such as qtcore, qtcreator, and a lot of other qt... So I found it easier to download Qt SDK from qt site and install all needed staff at once. Back to issue I addressed here, do you know how to solve one with "Wow, you exceeded the number of descriptions this APT is capable of" ??
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asked Trying to use multiple Debian repositories