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Software developer with Embedded and TCP/IP protocol development experience of over 8 years. Worked on carrier grade equipment involving multicore network processors as well as a variety of embedded platforms such as ARM, MIPS, PPC etc. Have been programming in c for about 10 years along with several languages such as C++/Python/C# etc.

Currently working on Cloud based DPI solutions.

Prior experience includes value added services for cellular networks involving SMPP protocol as well as streaming software.

Have also been a free lancer for many years writing high performance applications and a good deal of open source software such as VLC, dnrd to name a few.

comment yum installs kernel-devel different from my kernel version
This was really helpful. I thought i had installed the correct version of kernel headers, a very small difference in name, but it was not correct and failing to build. Above command helped me got the actual one as well as give me better insight into package search. Thank you +1
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