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comment Expand subshell before executing it?
I've since switched to zsh and it's great and does this, as you suggest... nice tip! I'll leave the original answer here, as it was a bash question.
comment Use Netrw or Nerdtree in Zsh/Bash to select a file BY BROWSING?
I've found vifm, which seems to do the "browsing" part - super nice... but when I try and run it using a shortcut via zsh or tmux, I get a screen dump of what appears to be escape characters... any ideas on what this would happen?
comment Use Netrw or Nerdtree in Zsh/Bash to select a file BY BROWSING?
cool! this is definitely half of it... now to figure out a way to get Netrw to select a file and output it to stdout.... I can go vi . and browse using Netrw to the file. But then I have to edit it and hit a keystroke to copy the name to the clipboard. Must... eliminate... these... extra... keystrokes!
comment How to switch directly to a pane in Tmux?
If the pane #'s show too quick for you to select a pane, use the following in your .tmux.conf file to change the amount of time the pane #'s are displayed. set display-panes-time 4000 Note that you can hit the esc key to cancel the operation if you want
comment how to close all panes but the current pane in tmux
hey! it looks like it works, but what it actually does is move that pane to a new "window" - kind of divorces it from the parent window - so the other panes still exist, they're just in a different window.
comment CD into directory from HISTORY in a bash script or alias e.g. $(!!)
i played around a bit, and think you're right... find -name "myfile.txt" is short enough for me, and will be faster... thanks ;-)