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comment I deleted /bin/rm. How do I recover it?
@liori: I was half-joking, though 10-15 years ago, I would probably indeed have done it in that situation (the added "features", in particular i18n, are not an advantage in my opinion -- unintellegible translations, and learning to use switches that unexpectedly break scripts on another computer, no thanks). However, nowadays, I'm happy if only a Linux system runs smoothly as-installed without me touching anything, and without having to move/delete/edit system/config files or binaries. Which sadly, still isn't the case often enough, so I'm surely not touching something that works :-)
comment I deleted /bin/rm. How do I recover it?
Indeed. Actually, this makes me think about deleting coreutils too... :-)
comment Disable changelogs
Setting the debconf priority (I didn't even know this one existed!) alone makes it go silent, thank you. That's probably the best thing to have, too. "critical" is probably something I would want to know, and otherwise it's silent, which is just as it should be.