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comment Split multi paragraphed shell output to multiple variables
@mikeserv yeah, the whole eval thing is hairy. It's possible to avoid it but that makes for some ugly shell parsing.
answered Split multi paragraphed shell output to multiple variables
comment cannot move Directory not empty
What exactly are you trying to do? Why are you moving directories and not files? If the directory already exists, why would you move it instead of just moving the files it contains? The error you show only occurs when a directory of that name already exists.
comment How to remove duplicate rows using awk while splitting file
Please edit your question and add an example of your input and desired output. That will help us understand what you are doing and how it is failing as well as what you require.
revised Why can't a normal user `chown` a file?
I assume you meant "file"
answered How do I write a bash script that will let users choose the value of the MIRROR environment variable?
comment Duplicating a string variable in awk
It doesn't assign by reference. It works exactly as expected. You are making the susbtitution on l, then printing l. Why would you expect it to be unchanged? Presumably, you meant to do awk '{l=$0; gsub("[^/]","",l); print length(l),$0} which does what you want.
comment Creating a for loop in bash to analyze two data files and create an output sorted by the phone numbers?
As it stands, this is a duplicate of this question. If you fell that that is not enough to help you, edit your question and show us what you have so far and explain which part of the problem is giving you trouble. If you do that and explain how the answers in the dupe didn't help you, the question can be reopened. We won't just do your homework for you.
comment Difference between {1,2,3} and {1..3}
@AlecTeal cat doesn't, this is all done by the shell. Shell commands are read right to left, so when you cat file.* > file.txt, file.txt is created first and then the file.* is expanded. So the shell complains about its input file being its output file.
answered Duplicating a string variable in awk
comment How to print from Arch Linux via Wi-Fi to Canon MG6450?
Have you tried connecting it with a usb cab;e or whatever the printer has? I doubt it would make much difference but just in case.
comment GNU/R 'no audio drivers are available'
Thanks for the edit. Please also show the specific error message you get. Your version of R might also be relevant (I doubt it, but you never know).
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comment how to grep for packages on basis of uncompressed file-size?
What packages do you want? All installed packages? All available packages? All manually installed packages?
revised how to grep for packages on basis of uncompressed file-size?
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comment How to mount /boot from LiveCD (FreeBSD 11 ZFS)
Sounds like your /boot is on a separate partition. We can't tell you which one unless you edit your question and add your partitioning scheme.
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