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My God is Allah and my religious book is Quran.Up to now my life was based on my God's will and whatever I gained or lost is due to my God's want. My aspiration is to put my life in favour of my lord, Allah since I believe this would be a desirable life. I am a fan and supporter of Free Software and i do all my computer works based on Freesoftware. My other interests are Linux/GNU family and BSD. My main speciality is network administration but I also have decent knowledge in C/C++ and Python progmming. In general I love programming languages. My favorite sport is mountain climbing because I love outdoors and generaly I'm a nature lover. I truely love to increase my knowledge because I'm eager to know as much as possible. Not only I have this desire for myself, but also for every human being and I will do my best to help anyone who wishes to be on this path. (You can find everythinf about me at http://pahlevanzadeh.org and http://chpert.net)

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