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I'm very thankful whenever someone spends of their own time to answer a question I have. If you have done so, thank you!

I've been hooked on computers ever since, while in 5th grade, I encountered a Dragon 32 on a store shelf in the small town I grew up in, in Norway. It was a tan colored box holding rows of buttons with letters on them. How was it possible that when I pushed a button that had a letter on it, a small picture of that same letter would appear on the screen? It was a true mystery and one that I had to solve. And so started my journey down the rabbit hole...

My first computer was a Sharp MZ-700. Then there was the Commodore 64, that I learned assembly on. Then came the Commodore Amiga, on which I wrote my first real programs.

On the software side, I have done a little bit of everything, using many different languages. My favorite language is C++. I am especially interested in High Performance Computing and parallel programming.