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comment How to fix intermittant “No space left on device” errors during mv when device has plenty of space?
The down vote was probably because your question is better suited to Unix.stackexchange or askubuntu since it is not programming related. If there isn't a programming language in your tags, it will likely get a down vote.
comment How frequently is the proc file system updated on Linux?
If you need proof that this answer is true, try to run inotify on a "file" or directory in /proc (or /sys for that matter) ... its too bad, it would make udev completely unneeded if you could just tell a simple inotify process to run x when something appears in y
comment Start IceWM from the command line *and* get sound working?
just use a terminal emulator. If you want a fast simple init process, just mount dev and dev/pts, sys, proc and / then: Xvesa -screen 1024x768x24 & DISPLAY=:0 jwm -display :0 I use jwm because it packs a lot in a small package and it has a <Startup> capability built in to run processes typically handled by init and friends (plus a static musl libc build of xvesa+jwm+rxvt runs in ~2mb of ram which is less than a dynamic build of bash in ubuntu not to mention all of the getty overheads)
comment Display a menu of files names and let the user select a file by entering a number
This is an ideal use for bash arrays.