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comment What does aux mean in `ps aux`?
+1 for the politically correct RTFM
comment How frequently is the proc file system updated on Linux?
If you need proof that this answer is true, try to run inotify on a "file" or directory in /proc (or /sys for that matter) ... its too bad, it would make udev completely unneeded if you could just tell a simple inotify process to run x when something appears in y
comment Start IceWM from the command line *and* get sound working?
just use a terminal emulator. If you want a fast simple init process, just mount dev and dev/pts, sys, proc and / then: Xvesa -screen 1024x768x24 & DISPLAY=:0 jwm -display :0 I use jwm because it packs a lot in a small package and it has a <Startup> capability built in to run processes typically handled by init and friends (plus a static musl libc build of xvesa+jwm+rxvt runs in ~2mb of ram which is less than a dynamic build of bash in ubuntu not to mention all of the getty overheads)
comment Display a menu of files names and let the user select a file by entering a number
This is an ideal use for bash arrays.