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comment Linux boot loaders supporting full disk encryption?
@Peque Done, added a note about the latest version of GRUB2 (2.00). It now has code to access LUKS and GELI encrypted partitions. However, I have not tested them, I'm relying on the Changelog of the latest version.
comment Is there a “Open terminal here” from File Browser?
Using nautilus-actions allows for the option to be used not only on folders but also on files (meaning "open a terminal on the folder where this file is").
comment Linux boot loaders supporting full disk encryption?
Yes, has been down from some months (and the author blog is gone too). Pity is all the work done by the author of the LFDE project is gone, as it was all hosted in his personal website (another reason to leverage sites like SourceForge, Google Code, GitHub or similar).
comment Where can I find storage integrity (write/read) test tools?
Not too much, except you can modify it easily (bash vs. C). You could define the pattern, add a delay for a fade test, do several passes, etc. This script would be like badblocks -s -w -t random /dev/xxx. However, the main reason to post it was the OP asked for a Bash script.
comment What are possible reasons for erratic NTP synchronistation?
A couple of my servers (with Ubuntu 8.04) also jumped 10 seconds into the past last night (detected because Dovecot crashed). It makes me wonder if these… has anything to do (not with my servers but with some NTP peers). Also note, this server only had two servers listed in ntp.conf, that means if both disagree local ntp would not know which one to believe. (Still today I can see some NTP peers with >50 seconds offset).
comment how to check if ssh works without connecting to server
It works for me in Linux (are you using Solaris?). For my test I did: export MY_IP="" ; su mvaldez -c "ssh mvaldez@$MY_IP -o 'BatchMode=yes' -o 'ConnectionAttempts=1'" ; echo $?