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I started off in the 1980s by learning Atari, Microsoft, and BBC DOS and BASIC systems. In the 1990s, I got into the Amiga and eventually Windows 3.0. Courses in programming taught me the basics of assembly, Pascal, COBOL, C, Prolog, LISP, SQL, TCP/IP, Unix, networking, and mainframe system.

In the years since, I've worked on all kinds of systems, including (but not limited to) Unixes (Solaris, OS X, BSD), Windows, Linuxes (SuSE, Fedora, Ubuntu), plus a variety of Ant, Bash, C++, C#, Erlang, Java, PowerShell, Python, Perl, Java, Python, and other projects.

My current preferences lean towards Git over Subversion, IntelliJ IDEA over Eclipse, Fish over Bash, vi over emacs, Postgres over MySQL, Maven and Ant over Make, VMware over Parallels or VirtualBox, OS X or BSD over Linux and Windows, Nginx over Apache, Pixelmator and iDraw over Photoshop and Illustrator, PathFinder over Finder, PowerGREP over grep, Ghost over Wordpress, folders over iPhoto and iTunes, BeyondCompare over Kaleidoscope, colour over color. And so on.