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I've been writing software since my Dad brought home an Apple II in '86 - can't really picture doing anything else. I run an ISV the provides copy protection and IP protection tools for .NET developers.

comment How to permanently remove all Mono related package (libs, apps, etc.)
@Adrian: INAL and patent law varies widely from country to country, but in the US at least patent law protects the use of patented 'art'. So if you do not personally have a license to use the patented art you can be sued for the use. Unisys tried to do this with the GIF file format years ago, eventually resulting in PNG bit.ly/9fz1mU. Granted the cost to sue an individual outweighs damages that might be awarded for the infringement. Typically the software license agreement that accompanies the software that uses patented art will extend the license to use the patent to the user.