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Born and bred in C++ country, but mostly working with Python these days. Server, embedded, desktop, web, mobile... I like them all.

comment FreeBSD 10 does not boot after clean install
Same issue here. I don't get any error messages, the boot process just stops after Verifying DMI Pool Data ... (which comes from the BIOS or whatever, not from the OS).
comment How do I know if dd is still working?
In my experience, dd on Mac OS X has a tendency to freeze to the point where I can't even kill the process, but have to restart the system. I resort to doing work on a Linux VM then.
comment Media changed: please insert the disk labeled 'Debian GNU/Linux
When you change /etc/apt/sources.list, there is no need to reboot, but you must run sudo apt-get update. I'm not familiar with apt-cdrom, but I would assume that requires the same update afterwards. Also, if your internet connection is unreliable / slow, you might want to remove / comment out any online sources from /etc/apt/sources.list once you can install from local media, just so you don't have to wait for the update to contact the servers listed.
comment “Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:” after installing sublime from binaries
It's actually the other way around - I answered this question here on unix.stackexchange.com where it was asked; it seems www.rqna.net is copying contents.