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I started working in the Internet industry in 1995, when I helped to start up Computel Standby BV. I supported Computel while I was a student at Universiteit Twente. Computel started in Apeldoorn (NL) as a small ISP, started the Nederland.net foundation, and has grown into a server management company with its own small datacenter.

I became a RIPE Address Policy Working Group chair in May 2007, mostly because I am interested in the future of the Internet and I like to participate in things I think are important.

In May 2008 I left Computel and started working for Max.nl, which is a web application development company. In March 2010 I started my own company. I am focusing on internet infrastructure related subjects such as IPv6, routing and security. Since October 2010 I have been doing IPv6 related projects exclusively.

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