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My sites: http://LastMinuteIslandVacation.com, http://themepark.com, among others

Things I'm good at: organizing and executing big web projects, PHP, HTML, CSS

Things I'm okay at: MySQL db admin, basic server setup to get a site launched (cron, permissions, ftp, svn, etc.)

Things I usually need help with: nitty-gritty server-level sysadmin stuff (linux, X11, compiling things)

Favorite StackExchange sites: stackoverflow.com, superuser.com, english.stackexchange.com, serverfault.com

I started doing online work in the mid-'80s (do you remember CompuServe, GEnie or AppleLink?) and then graduated to the Internet when it was invented. :-) Veteran of several Internet startups, including a couple of my own. I went to the launch parties for both Adobe Flash and WIRED magazine. I've also been on six game shows.

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