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INJenuity is a framework written in and for Csharp assemblies with the purpose of solving dependency injection, object creation / lifetime management, and writing tedious boiler-plate code. The software engineer and the framework work together by attribute declaration, programmatically-defined configurations, and smart assembly scanning. Through each of these techniques, INJenuity will create code at runtime and inject the created code to the engineer's running assembly.




MockJockey is a framework written in and for Csharp assemblies with the purpose of allowing engineers to unit test their code in a precise, concise, and quick manner. Using mock objects in unit tests, allows your unit tests to be focused by side-stepping any irrelevancies of the test. Commonly thought as a necessity for doing test driven development, a mock framework will give your tests exactly what they need to be--small and fast! And that's what MockJockey provides us.



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