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We know more then just a technology... We know your business and we’ll help you to succeed.

A business’s core technical infrastructure comprises systems, networks and databases. ALEXUSBIZ Corp. has the relationships, resources and reputation businesses need to plan, implement and maintain a seamless integration of all three. Ultimately, our goal is to help your business obtain a return on your technological investment. From systems and networks, to databases and applications, ALEXUSBIZ Corp. provides the technology and professional services needed to achieve tangible, strategic, and lasting solutions that meet your business needs. We deliver these solutions with a full range of services - from planning and designing, to implementation and integration, to management and support. In addition, consulting practices, headed by industry leaders, provide expertise in the areas of Security, Enterprise Management, Server and Storage Consolidation, and Mission Critical Environments. ALEXUSBIZ Corp. professionals are trained in every aspect of information technology-to serve your needs from the data center to the desktop and across the Internet. Our professional consultants are fully certified in multiple environments and can leverage our strong alliances with the leading technology providers. With a long history of success and a solid position in the industry, ALEXUSBIZ Corp. is the right choice for expert planning, design, installation, integration, and support today. And you can have confidence that we’ll be here to serve you today.


comment cron to delete after executing
check your logs, you'll find your answer there
comment cron to delete after executing
copy and paste that into a file, chmod 755 it and THEN put it into a cron
comment How to allow Page Up in GNU Screen?
log-in to system as you usually do and type: echo $TERM I'm using PuTTY and connecting to my Linux and able to use PAGE-UP no problem.
comment ipfw : Traffic Shaping
su-3.2# sysctl net.inet.ip.fw.one_pass net.inet.ip.fw.one_pass: 1 su-3.2# mask is done for different reasons, but for sake of argument i did took it off. rule 200 and 300 covers in last tip that you paste it. not sure what you mean by 4th...