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emulate -R ksh -c 'source ~/.bashrc' This tells zsh to emulate ksh while it's loading .bashrc, so it'll by and large apply ksh parsing rules. Zsh doesn't have a bash emulation mode, ksh is as close as it gets. Furthermore when a function defined in .bashrc is executed, ksh emulation mode will be enabled during the evaluation of the function as well. ...


Yes, you do see the recommendation for -U often, usually paired with -z. It’s not documented in the run-help for autoload, but there is a section titled “AUTOLOADING FUNCTIONS” in the manpage for zshmisc. There it states: The usual alias expansion during reading will be suppressed if the autoload builtin or its equivalent is given the option -U. ...


You need to set default-command: set -g default-command /usr/local/bin/zsh default-shell variable only use to create a login shell, when default-command is empty - which is default value. Or you can simply change your default shell to zsh, in this case, tmux will start a login shell, instead of non-login shell.

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