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head or tail will not fix/change the character. What probably happens is that gedit tries to guess the encoding of the file based on the first few bytes. When that 0xD4 is far within the file, gedit guesses the file is in ASCII or UTF-8 and complains when it sees that 0xD4 byte that is invalid in either ASCII or UTF-8. While for the second shorter file, ...


Zsh does this provided that you enable the “new-style completion system” and turn on the complete_in_word option. autoload -U compinit; compinit setopt complete_in_word After that, you can press Tab anywhere in a word, including at the beginning, and you'll get completion proposals for the middle of the word (for the beginning, if the cursor is at the ...


with PROMPT="…$(build_prompt)", you're running build_prompt at the time of the assignment, i.e. when your .zshrc is read, and using the result of that one run as the prompt. To run build_prompt each time the prompt is displayed, include the string $(build_prompt) directly in the value of the PROMPT variable. This requires turning on the prompt_subst option. ...


Don't set TERM in your shell startup files. TERM is determined by the terminal you're running, not by your shell. Your shell startup file is overriding the TERM set by tmux.

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