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Set your Warning options as an array. "${warnings[@]}" generates 3 individual words warnings=(-Wall -Wextra -Wpedantic) "${compiler}" "${warnings[@]}" "${standard}" -o "${1}" "${1}.cpp" Or, if you find it more legible, you can create the array without -W's, and then add -W's via how you present the array on the command line. warnings=( all extra ...


Works fine here with zsh v. 5.0.8 Brace expansion with single characters was added in Jan 20141 so if you're using a version prior to 5.0.6 then it's not available. 1: see also the discussion here


You have two copies of screen. One of them stores its sessions in /tmp/uscreens and the other stores its sessions in /var/run/screen, so they don't see each other's sessions. Even if you could force them to see each other's sessions there's a chance that the copies of screen are different versions and bad things would happen if the two talked to one ...

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