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As I understand it, there is no function in X Toolkit which can remove a translation. You can override or augment but not selectively remove a part of a translation table. That was one of the reasons for adding the omitTranslation resource in patch #269. With that version, the translations table is broken up into more manageable parts which allows ...


A couple of possibilities to check: formatOtherKeys was added in patch #235 ("xterm -v" should show at least that). the different environment likely has different keycodes underneath. You might see some differences using xev for the combinations you want to use.


You can do this with screen in detached mode. Put something like this in your startup script: screen -d -m /opt/matlab_2013b/bin/matlab It will create a detached screen session, which should allow the script to start. You can attach to the screen session as normal at any time. You can almost certainly achieve the same effect with tmux, but I haven't used ...

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