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An X resource name consists of a list of components separated by periods. Each component can be either an instance name or a class name. Instances identify a specific component (e.g. the third button on the top row) while classes identify a type of components (e.g. all buttons in the main window). By convention, class names begin with an uppercase letter and ...


I don't know why it would behave differently but often times executables are "overloaded" to behave differently when called with different names. There's typically a structure inside the program called a case/switch statement that determines the name the executable was called with and then will call the appropriate functionality for that executable name. ...


I can't find anything about "something useful" you can do during that time (though some random undocumented feature would not surprise me). However, it seems that this behavior is to "save energy" (by not having to wake up the GPU and redraw the screen for each blink). See the related question, and the (rejected) GNOME bug.


Can I enable framebuffer support in xterm? No. X runs in something parallel to the framebuffer, so they cannot both be used at the same time.

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