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There is no general method. As observed by vinc17, different terminal emulators let you configure the TERM value in different ways, if at all. You can drop terminfo configuration files into your home directory, organized as ~/.terminfo/INITIAL-LETTER/VALUE. For example, if you wish for xterm to point to the 256-color entry, on a typical machine, you could ...


You can do this in your terminal configuration. For instance, with Xterm, this can be done via the X resources. You can do this via the Xterm app-defaults: *termName: xterm-256color or via a -tn xterm-256color option. This is similar for rxvt.


You can use lsof to list all files by given process id and grep for fonts. lsof -p <process_id_of_xterm> | grep fonts for example, lsof -p `ps -a | grep xterm | cut -d' ' -f1` | grep fonts sample output: $ lsof -p `ps -a | grep xterm | cut -d' ' -f1` | grep fonts xterm 17560 testuser mem REG 253,1 137272 9154732 ...

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