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I don't know exactly how to write a default setting for xrandr when you connect an external monitor, but you can easily write a custom script and then associate it to a shortcut key, such as meta + P. Example > nano /usr/bin/custom-xrandr #!/bin/bash xrandr --output VGA1 --off --output HDMI1 --auto > chmod u+x /usr/bin/custom-xrandr Then ...


You need to parse xrandr output (or write a program, or whatever) to find the correct names, and massage your i3 configuration appropriately. The order of device detection is random, you can't depend on it.


The output of xrandr --props contains hex EDID strings for each connected display in a less verbose way. Here's a simple Python script exploiting this to grab an EDID for a specific connected monitor. I haven't found any other distro-packaged CLI tools that work for EDID extraction on my NVidia-based system, but most tools for parsing a binary EDID seem to ...

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