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Solution - Personally Recommended Taken from What Is An Ubuntu PPA & Why Would I Want To Use One? [Technology Explained]: This is where PPAs come in. A PPA, or Personal Package Archive, is a collection of software not included in Ubuntu by default. Typically these repositories focus on a single program, but they can include more depending on ...


You need xfce4-session, or else your desktop will not run properly (yes, I'm serious). Are you running xfwm4? Do you have a saved session? Is xfsettingsd running? Oh, and don't use Xfce4.8 anymore. It's horrible outdated and does things the wrong way (like thunar-vfs).


In fact a simplified form of that command works: catfish --path=%f In Thunar, go to Edit - Configure custom actions, and edit the Search action.


I fixed the issue by removing the default evince and installing the evince-gtk package.

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