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The recommended way is to install from source. See eg


P states on x86 processors are levels of voltage scaling. When a processor runs at higher voltage, it can run faster, but it also uses more energy and heats more. The P state numbering is standardized: 0 to 15, from fastest to slowest. It is up to the kernel to decide when to switch between P states. The kernel will switch to a lower-numbered (faster, ...


In your ld.so.preload, you want to specify "$LIB" in your path rather than an explicit "lib" or "lib64". Thus, on a Redhat-style distro, "/usr/alternates/$LIB/libfoo.so" becomes "/usr/alternates/lib/libfoo.so" for a 32-bit process and "/usr/alternates/lib64/libfoo.so" for a 64-bit process. On an Debian-style distro, "/usr/alternates/$LIB/libfoo.so" becomes ...

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