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You probably meant to run: Xvfb :1 -screen 0 1024x768x16 & where the :1 is an argument on its own and means use the default network connection +1, i.e. you will need to export DISPLAY=:1 in the environment to connect to this display. Also, the X11 server may run under the name X instead of Xorg.


Do this from the console, as root: # setterm -blank 0 >> /etc/issue This will add the escape sequence to prevent console blanking to the file /etc/issue which is displayed before the "login: " prompt. Thus the blanking is effectively permanently disabled. If you're leaving the screen running X, then the above won't have any effect. In that case ...


Without Xorg on server you can't initiate -X forwarding from your client. If you are interested in editing files, the easiest way is to mount the server to your local computer using sshfs(1). You can consult manual page for more info about this.

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