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Sugar tries to run xdg-user-dirs-update: File "/usr/libexec/sugar-runner/xinitrc", line 77, in _setup_xdg_user_dirs subprocess.check_call("xdg-user-dirs-update") which you don't have. Install the package xdg-user-dirs which includes it. /edit: For your new error message you'll have to wait until the Sugar guys fix that, they already have an open pull ...


Try this ... xdpyinfo | grep ^number\ of\ screens


x11perf: The x11perf program runs one or more performance tests and reports how fast an X server can execute the tests. Many graphics benchmarks assume that the graphics device is used to display the output of a single fancy graphics application, and that the user gets his work done on some other device, like a terminal. Such benchmarks ...


Your script is being interpreted by a shell instead of python. The shell attempts to execute the X import command and that external /usr/bin/export command prints the error. Make sure you have #!/usr/bin/env python at the top of each python executable script (not necessary for imported libraries). This causes the script to be interpreted by python.

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