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An approach that's often convenient is to mount the files, and then access them like you would access ordinary local files. For a server that you access through FTP, you can use CurlFtpFS. mkdir theserver curlftpfs theserver.example.com theserver You'll need to pass the username and password to curlftpfs, either on the command line (which is unsafe as ...


If you are OK with running periodically a script, you can utilize wget -N, see: http://superuser.com/questions/283481/how-do-i-properly-set-wget-to-download-only-new-files You can create a script like: cd /var/download_here/ wget -N ftp://example.com/new.txt --ftp-user="my_user" --ftp-password="my_password" And add crontab entry like: */5 * * * * ...

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