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I would suggest having bash keep track of your previous bottom string and only update it once a minute (when seconds of the current time modulo 60 is equal to 0 in this code). while true; do (( 10#$(date +%S) % 60 )) || bottomdisp=$(date) xsetroot -name "$(topbar);$bottomdisp"; sleep 1; done & This syntax makes it easy to modify the ...


Try the following: Grant another user on the local machine access to our X server. It’s pretty easy: $ xhost +SI:localuser:anotheruser localuser:anotheruser being added to access control list Then your user must show up when you: $ xhost Reference


X resources are a way to configure X11 clients that use a toolkit that makes use of them (mostly classical toolkits such as the X toolkit, Motif, etc., excluding modern toolkits such as Gtk and Qt). Although they are loaded into the server, the server just serves as a store, it doesn't parse resources; that's up to each application. No server settings are ...


Here's the output from apt-cache search ltsp on raspbian (Debian Wheezy compiled for the armv6 raspberry pi): fts-ltsp-ldap - LDAP LTSP module for the TFTP/Fuse supplicant fts-opsi - LDAP LTSP module for the TFTP/Fuse supplicant ldm - LTSP display manager ldm-server - server components for LTSP display manager ldm-themes - Collection of themes for the LTSP ...

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