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I have worked out this problem by the following steps. I am on Ubuntu 14.04. Download your specific Nviadia drivers from here. The driver name looks like NVIDIA-LINUX-X86_64-340.58.run. # service lightdm stop, Ctrl+Alt+F1 switch to tty1, excute the command to stop X server with root priviledge. # bash NVIDIA-LINUX-X86_64-340.58.run ...


This kind of problems is usually handled by having two stand-alone binaries: the service daemon and the user interface that communicate over a UNIX domain socket (or a network socket in case they are not running on the same machine). A prime example would be OpenSSH - check how ssh-agent, ssh-add and ssh interact to get some idea how this can be done. ...


Ensure you have the .xinitrc file in the user home directory. It seems you have the .xinitrc in the root directory and not the users home directory. to verify this run ls -la in the user home directory. If you see a .xinitrc file inspect it using a text editor to see if it has the required content.


I too faced similar issue in angstrom distribution and found that xkbcomp program is missing. Installing it had fixed the issue. Try installing the xkbcomp program using the package manager (zypper) of OpenSuse. Reference for zypper: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7158838/how-to-install-packages-from-command-line-on-suse

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