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Try xpra. This is similar to ssh -X, except it is faster and you can disconnect and re-connect to the session as many times as you like.


There are a few ways to output the user ID (UID) with ps; a simple one is with -f: ps -fC X Will give you information for all the X servers that are running (there can be more than one). This presumes that the executable is called X -- if there's no such process, you will have to target something else. Since it almost certainly at least has capital X in ...


It's often the case that in Unix you can chain commands together, and often times many commands are built specifically so that they'll work with the output generated by other commands. Luckily you can take the output of xlsclients and parse it down so that it's just the name of the command. You can then pass this info to the ps command to get the output ...

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