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If you're using ntfs-3g to mount your NTFS filesystem, the windows_names option will prevent files with problematic names from being created: ntfs-3g -o windows_names ...


The solution given to this question over on SuperUser deserves its own cross-reference here. Note that this answer here is a Community Wiki so none of us get credit for the replication. How to access a BitLocker-encrypted drive in Linux? The Github code checkins are recent so - as of May 2016 - this is still an active project.


Fundamental issue... do you know the serial number of the 'original' graphics card? If you didn't record that info then what are you going to compare against? Also checking ebay, no-one is selling graphics cards for the N5010 but people are selling mobos with tested graphics... implies that the graphics is built into the mainboard. If your shop really ...

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