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I can't say that my own 19 year experience of running Linux supports your assertion that windows boots more stably, but here are some things that will effect what you are seeing: Filesystem caching Linux uses caching on all filesystems unless told otherwise. This improves speed and response times for disk reads and writes by userspace programs, as they ...


The issue likely isn't permissions-related (at least not on the Linux side). Once the recipient downloads the attachment, the file is owned by them. So is anything they take out of that zip file. I suspect the issue is one of the following: The recipient is trying to edit the file without downloading/unzipping it. Some file editors are smart enough to ...


You need to install the libgd2 package to provide the missing cyggd-2.dll.


Samba is a good choice for your situation. If you've decided to go with Ubuntu, there's a guide here. This page should set up exactly what you're looking for. If you're new to Linux, my recommendation is to read that guide for understanding, before attempting any commands. Don't run a command if you're not sure what it will do first. The command man man ...


Whatever the reason, what grub sees as Windows 7 (loader) on /dev/sda2 is in fact Windows 10 loader. To change the name one can use grub-customizer.


You might have to use forward slashes (/) to talk with LINUX/UNIX servers c:\pscp c:\some\path\to\a\file.txt user@remote:/home/user/some/path


sudo mount -t vboxsf SHARENAME /media/vboxshared create your shared folder at your PC. for example "c:\SharedBoth" make sure you have selected your shared folder c:\SharedBoth at virtualbox menu "settings" - "shared folders" - "add" -"permanent/automount", before you start the ubuntu virtual machine. start the ubuntu terminal, type in command above, ...

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