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why not try guake? It's always running in background,and when you want to use it,press the hot key it will show up! For more detail click here


some_command | cat - /dev/tty ...will work with anything, pretty much. If the launcher you use doesn't properly handle pipelines in a command, you might want... sh -c 'some_command | cat - /dev/tty' You can send an interrupt with CTRL+C to kill cat and end the session, or else just close the terminal window when ready.


xterm -hold from $(man xterm): -hold Turn on the hold resource, i.e., xterm will not immediately destroy its window when the shell command completes. It will wait until you use the window manager to destroy/kill the window, or if you use the menu entries that send a signal, e.g., HUP or KILL.


xdotool is good enough to do so. Run xdotool getactivewindow and you'll see the result (int) The window can be over ANY monitor. Just read where is located the x11 pointer waiting for a click :), and no matter if it's a remote window, a vncserver or the 3rd desktop of the cube desktop environment. Just works. You can play it using sleep for better testing ...


You can achieve this in any terminal emulator by the simple expedient of arranging for the program not to exit without user confirmation. Tell the terminal to run terminal_shell_wrapper which is a script containing something like #!/bin/sh if [ $# -eq 0 ]; then "${SHELL:-sh}"; else "$@"; fi echo "The command exited with status $?. Press Enter to close the ...

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