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For some apps (e.g. file-roller) this can be fixed by changing the StartupNotify key value from true to false in their respective .desktop files (e.g. /usr/share/applications/file-roller.desktop). The above doesn't work for all apps (e.g. nautilus) so another way to fix the problem would be a custom shell extension; just to give you an idea, you could ...


this issue has appeared in other forums on different versions of Ubuntu and people using gnome. the easiest way to fix the issue is make sure that you have Compiz Config Settings Manager installed. sometimes the install never is done right and the manager has to be re installed. to install it search for compizconfig-settings-manager in Software Center and ...


Unless you are intending on creating XMonad extensions you shouldn't need much Haskell. Looking through my xmonad.hs almost everything in there is either an import statement (which looks exactly the same as in python), or copied from other configs. So if you start with the default config and fiddle with things you should be fine. If you do need to extend ...


Python has pretty sketchy looking xlib support -- e.g this-- so I would not have thought so. However, perusing this list reveals there's a least one, qtile. The arch linux wiki has a bit of an introduction, since there doesn't otherwise appear to be one online (i.e., it will probably be useful to you regardless of whether you use arch or not).


It closes immediately because you aren't sending anything to it. You need to specify the output for the pretty print : dynamicLogWithPP $ sjanssenPP {ppOutput = hPutStrLn xmproc},


Technically, you can run an X server on Android. For a bare X11 server, see Play store: X Server for example. That could help with very special needs, like showing a plot window on fixed screen position with no window manager for example. You could run a full xsession on that display of course, but I think that is not too useful in most general cases. ...


What you refer to as a windowing system is more commonly referred to as a display server. The differences between display servers are well documented. But, the difference between a display server and a window manager is in the job that they perform. A display server handles displaying graphical applications and relaying input and output from graphical ...

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