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The role of an X11 window manager is quite complex. First, learn more about X core protocol and X architecture. Then read EWMH if you need to understand the conventional roles of WMs (also known and respected by X11 toolkits like GTK, Qt, etc...). Even single-application but multiple-windows (e.g. popups) programs practically need some WM Then you could ...


You need xfce4-session, or else your desktop will not run properly (yes, I'm serious). Are you running xfwm4? Do you have a saved session? Is xfsettingsd running? Oh, and don't use Xfce4.8 anymore. It's horrible outdated and does things the wrong way (like thunar-vfs).


Well, thanks to @Basile's comment, I learned a lot and came up with following working sample: #!/usr/bin/python3 import Xlib import Xlib.display disp = Xlib.display.Display() root = disp.screen().root NET_WM_NAME = disp.intern_atom('_NET_WM_NAME') NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW = disp.intern_atom('_NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW') ...

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