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Xterm doesn't support tabs. It is a basic, bootstrap terminal window for X11. For tab support, use a terminal designed to support your GUI. gnome-terminal-server is the most common one, used in both Ubuntu and Fedora. It does support tabs, as well as the hot keys you list: Ctrl+Shift+T, Left Alt+Tab#, and Ctrl-PgUp/PgDown for tab control.


You need to use an external tool called a terminal multiplexer such as GNU screen/tmux. I don't think that xterm itself can open multiple tabs.


This isn't a built-in feature of xterm. If you're running an interactive shell in that terminal, you can make it update the window title each time it displays a prompt. With all popular shells, the variables COLUMNS and LINES are updated to reflect the current dimensions of the terminal. You can put the escape sequences to set the window title as part of ...


You can get xterm's dimensions via the environmental variables $COLUMNS and $LINES. You can then set the title via certain escape codes documented e.g. in Bash Prompt HOWTO. Here is a one-off command to set title: # The title text is the stuff between ; and \a printf "\e]0;${COLUMNS}x${LINES}\a" I don't know if there is a way to update the title when the ...


For me, Xfce's focus stealing prevention only works when you also have Focus Follows Mouse turned on. Running Xfce 4.10.1

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