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I have also tried to solve this in Ubuntu 12.04 running mate desktop environment. My solution looks like this: #!/bin/bash google-chrome --user-data-dir=/home/loafer/.userscripts/chrome-bg-profile --kiosk http://localhost/bg & sleep 2 wmctrl -r "localhost/bg/ - Google Chrome" -b add,below I have created a script file with the content above to run at ...


Is this a question for FVWM1 or FVWM2? Here is how I added a custom button of an arrow pointing down to my FVWM1 .fvwmrc file: ButtonStyle : 1 8 40x20@1 40x50@1 20x50@1 50x80@1 80x50@0 60x50@0 60x20@0 40x20@1 This makes, in the upper left corner of all of the windows, an arrow pointing down. Now, it's also important that this button is visible, so we ...

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