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Inserting UpdateStyles right after moving the window to top does the trick: AddToFunc MyUpdate + I WindowStyle StaysOnTop + I UpdateStyles + I WindowStyle NoTitle From documentation: Delayed Execution of Commands Note: There are many commands that affect look and feel of specific, some or all windows, like Style, Mouse, Colorset, TitleStyle and ...


You can set up an X server inside an X server using Xephyr. You can create a window on your screen which displays the contents of a new X display: Xephyr :1 To start with, that will be empty. You can launch an application or applications pointed at that new display: DISPLAY=:1 some-application All windows that arise from that application will be ...


Preliminary notes: Before we even begin, you need to know the geometry of your screen. The following command achieves that part of the task: xprop -root | awk '$1~/NET_DESKTOP_GEOMETRY/ {print }'. Sample output from my dual screen set-up: $ xprop -root | awk '$1~/NET_DESKTOP_GEOMETRY/ {print }' _NET_DESKTOP_GEOMETRY(CARDINAL) = 2390, ...


I've added the following to my clientbuttons table: awful.button({ }, 2, function (c) c:kill() end) Now my scroll wheel click closes the window.

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