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You need to enter some commands into the command line. First of all: apt-get update (this will update the sources of software) and then apt-get upgrade (this will upgrade everything to the latest version)


I've had this issue before. Try to run chmod 755 -R /home/***/CloudStation/workspaces/Web/TestServerDir/ Then restart apache. It's most likely a permissions issue. Hope this helps.


Add the missing trailing slash to your ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse directives: ProxyPass / ajp://server.ip.addr:8013/ ProxyPassReverse / ajp://server.ip.addr:8013/


Your httpd proxy is using the AJP ports but when you try to access them directly you're using the HTTP ports. If you try switching the httpd proxy to use the HTTP port does it still work or do you get the 404? If you get the 404 through httpd when the proxy is using HTTP then there's a problem in your HTTP connector in Tomcat. If it still works through ...


You need the GoDaddy server to be allowed to be connected outside. This is not always the case with hosted websites: since they're only expected to allow others to connect on ports 80 or 443, and possibly send out connections to the hoster's email or database servers, all other connections may be firewalled out. Then you need your server to be allowed to ...


Linux distros in general are very customizable, so you can actually make any distro into a server. I don't think there is one distro that can be said to be the best. For a server I would pick a stable and reliable distro, like Arch Linux. If you are more used to debian-based distros (like Linux Mint), I would recommend Debian or Ubuntu Server. Distros from ...

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