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Go register a domain name for your site which will be visible to the world. Register for DNS (Domain Naming Service). The registrar will bind your IP address to the site name; this service will be paid.


This is the way, I did it: create new user newftpuser: adduser newftpuser create new group caneditwww: addgroup caneditwww add newftpuser to that group: usermod -a -G caneditwww newftpuser change group ownership for all files and dirs in /var/www: chgrp -R caneditwww /var/www modify group permissions on /var/www, so group members can ...


According to error messages, I think the issue comes from ExecStop=/bin/kill -15 $MAINPID where variable is not replaced. According to service documentation $MAINPID is expected only for ExecReload command. The question remains: why ExecStop is ran when you trigger start ? It is possible systemd leaves JVM process working directory as / which may not be ...

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