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The alias directive is important here wiki.nginx.org - alias


Take also into account that the default SELinux configuration will prevent your virtual hosts directories from being accessed by httpd. You will need to set the appropriate context for them: # chcon -R -u system_u -r object_r -t httpd_sys_content_t <DocumentRoot> The other option is to disable SELinux.


As eyoung says, You need FTP Client and A text Editor. You can use FileZilla and set it's editor on your prefered Editor, like Komodo, Kate, Gedit or etc through this URI: Edit menu -> Settings -> File editing Then when you connect to your ftp server you can just right click on file and choose edit. After you change the file and click save in your editor, ...


Linux has no good integrated software. You'll need to use 2 pieces of software. A text editor with at least syntax highlighting An FTP Client In the FTP client provide your username and password, and download the files. Open them using the text editor. Work. Save them, and then re-upload them, making sure to choose replace.


There is alot into that question . I belive you want to have access to a site folder and change/edit/add/update the contents/code of your site. If that is what you are asking for then you can use something like winscp . Its a utility that you download to your PC and connect to the server that hosts your app/website WinSCP.

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