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You seem to confuse enable, start and mask operations. systemctl start, systemctl stop: starts (stops) the unit in question immediately; systemctl enable, systemctl disable: marks (unmarks) the unit for autostart at boot time (in a unit-specific manner, described in its [Install] section); systemctl mask, systemctl unmask: disallows (allows) all and any ...


This ended up as quite a facepalm moment. I had forgotten to deactivate 'OS Install Mode' in BIOS which limits the RAM to 256MB, among other things I probably did not even notice.


Another option: Create an .htaccess file in your web server root with the following: AddType application/x-httpd-php .htm .html Now apache will process .htm and .html files as php documents and any <?php ... ?> tags located in that file will be interpreted as php.


I gather the best solution is to end the php with: header('Location: index.html'); exit;


I suppose you could use readfile to dump the file you've just created towards the browser. Alternatively, you could issue a 302 temporary redirect to index.html.

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