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Use uploading instead, via SSH from your local machine A "minimal headless *nix" box means you probably SSH into it. So you can also use SSH to upload to it. Which is functionally equivalent to downloading (of software packages etc.) except when you want a download command to include in a script on your headless server of course. As shown in this answer, ...


You should try Midori browser sudo apt-get install midori It works for me.


wget -nd -r -l1 -P /save/location -A jpeg,jpg Explanation : -nd prevents the creation of a directory hierarchy (i.e. no directories). -r enables recursive retrieval. See Recursive Download for more information. -l1 Specify recursion maximum depth level. 1 for just this directory in your case it's products. -P sets the ...


Try httrack(1), a web spider that is most useful for creating local mirrors of entire web sites. Homepage: Manpage: The examples in the linked manpage should get you started.

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