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I've been using tcpflow to check incoming requests at aws instances, maybe there's a way to aggregate requests daywise. STEP 1 - installation # yum install --nogpgcheck http://pkgs.repoforge.org/tcpflow/tcpflow-0.21-1.2.el6.rf.x86_64.rpm STEP 2 - track GET/POST requests at port 80 # tcpflow -p -c -i eth0 port 80 | grep -oE '(GET|POST|HEAD) .* ...


If you want to download a file and save its contents, you can use this function: function __wget() { local URL=$2 local tag="Connection: close" if [ -z "${URL}" ]; then printf "Usage: %s \"URL\" [e.g.: %s http://www.google.com/]" \ "${FUNCNAME[0]}" "${FUNCNAME[0]}" return 1; fi read proto server path <<<$(echo ...

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