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Maybe it's "cheating" but one option is pup, a command line HTML parser. Here are two ways to do it: Using the meta field with property="og:title attribute $ wget -q 'http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd7dQh8u4Hc' -O - | \ > pup 'meta[property=og:title] attr{content}' Why Are Bad Words Bad? and another way using the title field directly (and then ...


Webmin is providing a web based file manager. However, it is using the java plugin so has some trouble with recent browsers and JVMs. Hopefully, there is a new, html5 based, replacement being developed, filemin, which might suit your needs. See also this discussion.


FTP? I think most browsers support it directly. If not a plugin.


You can use curl to get the size of a file on the web without downloading it (provided the webserver supplies this information.) The technique is detailed here. Now, iterate over the list to get the size of each file: cat files.lst | xargs -n 1 -I {} curl -sI {} | grep Content-Length | awk '{print $2}' to get the list of sizes. EDIT: You can of course ...

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