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You need to download the entire Firefox code, apply the patch using the patch program and then build it. I don't recommend doing it unless this is hugely important to you. The build step alone is notorious for only working on high-end PCs because of the memory requirements and even if it does work it will take forever.


Why don't you use .htaccess? It should protect you against brute force attacks, and it's easely configurable. We do use something like this, an .htaccess file located into the root of the website, containing the following: ## Hardening wp - doublelogin AuthUserFile /path/to/your/.htpasswd AuthName "Double Login antibot" AuthType Basic <Files ...


This worked for me: download the alerts from your email in a Thunderbird directory; install the ImportExportTools plugin and export the whole directory as HTML; go to the export directory and run: find * -print0 | xargs -0 -I § bash -c 'NAME="§"; DATE="{{#time:j F Y| ${NAME:0:8} }}"; grep --text -Eo "ru=([^&]+)&amp;" "§" | sed "s,ru=,;$DATE:,g" | ...

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