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Linux graphics support has been a heavily mutating thing for most of the life of the kernel. Initially, the kernel only talked to the graphics card for text mode purposes. Back then, X used its drivers to do everything, so it worked as a huge kernel-outside-the-kernel. Later, with Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI), some of the code for accelerated ...


Wayland is an experimental new display server. It is not an X server, and to run X applications you will need to run an X server with it (see the bottom diagram on Wayland Architecture). Since there are very few Wayland applications so far, this means you really can't use it to replace X yet.


I think you've jumped the gun a bit — while many people may agree Wayland has a better design for the modern era (though some still disagree even on that), the implementation is not yet finished, and it doesn't yet do everything needed to overtake X, nor are the applications and toolkits ready for it. This fall Wayland is expected to declare its API stable ...


RebeccaBlackOS does that. As well-finished as a Rebecca Black video, don't expect miracles with it. http://sourceforge.net/projects/rebeccablackos/


I believe that this phoronix article has some answers for you about wayland and screensaver. This article mainly says that it will be more integrated : it can ensure that no window can appear atop the screensaver surface, it can properly detect idling and grabs already, and has complete control over the screen. Unlike the X design, there wouldn't ...


What you refer to as a windowing system is more commonly referred to as a display server. The differences between display servers are well documented. But, the difference between a display server and a window manager is in the job that they perform. A display server handles displaying graphical applications and relaying input and output from graphical ...


Note: My information may be out of date. I know there already are a lot of Wayland libs in Ubuntu. Wayland is still relatively new and it's a long way from well tested and complete. Several distributions are migrating towards Wayland and we will most likely see Wayland based distributions next year. X has been used for decades and there are a lot of old ...


I was unable to find anything convincing either with respect to X, Wayland, and Mir. I did find this case study that showed the differences between X11 SSH, FreeNX, and VNC. http://vis.lbl.gov/Events/SC08/RemoteX/index.html ...


The term "graphics driver" is used to refer to several different things. One of them is a kernel driver. The kernel driver mostly just sets the video mode and facilitates passing data to/from the card. It also usually downloads the firmware into the GPU on the card. The firmware is a program that the GPU itself runs, but unfortunately, graphics vendors ...


Graphics drivers are implemented as kernel modules that have to be loaded into it. So, basically, they're outside the kernel. Whether or not a kernel can be built to contain them is a matter left from someone more knowledgeable than me to answer. I think they were excluded from the kernel because if a kernel is built with, say, the nouveau driver it would ...




You can change the keyboard layout in weston.ini which should be placed in ~/.config: [keyboard] keymap_rules=evdev keymap_layout=de Change keymap_layout according to your needs.


Maui is a totaly new distro that build its visualisation over Wayland. http://www.maui-project.org/ It's a work-in-progress project but its promising.

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