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"but I lose the formatting information, which I'd like to preserve." It isn't that it thinks you aren't on a tty, it's that it thinks you are on a really old tty which does overstrike tricks through grotty, the back-end processor of groff. From the man page: Use the -c switch to revert to the old behaviour, printing a bold character c with the ...


You are right, your issue is the rendering of the beautification done by nroff/groff. To avoid this beautification, bypass nroff/groff and output your pod documentation into text with pod2text (this is a part of Perl distrib, so you should have it): watch "pod2text <your_perl_withpod_file>"


I wrote a command that emulates watch. I released it with source and compiled .exe file. You can find it here: http://www.garrettgalloway.com/index.php?p=projects&e=7

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