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Let's split the solution into two parts: Locate where the setting is kept. Reasonable programs keep their user settings in "dot" files in $HOME, usually either in a .progname (be it a file or a directory with more complex configurations) or under .config/. XFCE uses the latter, with desktop settings being stored in ...


I totally forgot that awsetbg is just shell script which uses $HOME variable. awsetbg - awesome wrapper tool to set background So HOME needs to be set. * * * * * ad DISPLAY=:0,HOME=/home/ad /usr/bin/awsetbg -a -r /home/ad/img/beauty/ If you will use directly some app, it will work just with DISPLAY env: * * * * * ad DISPLAY=:0 feh --bg-max ...


I guess it's changing HOME=/ to HOME=/home/ad.


You have to go into the desktop manager and play with the settings, I believe you have to go into the settings manager, choose the desktop settings, change single image to image list, choose which wallpaper then repeat for the second monitor.

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