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session required pam_mkhomedir.so skel=/etc/ftp/ umask=0022 As you can see, pam_mkhomedir.so acts at the session level. This means that it acts after the user has been authenticated (by the auth facility). To do so, it defines the following PAM-specific function : PAM_EXTERN int pam_sm_open_session(pam_handle_t * pamh, int flags, ...


Try to disable DNS resolution and connect to the server using the IP address. This could point to you if the DNS resolution is the culprit for the slowness.


Did you restart the ssh service? Are two consecutive SSH logins (within a minute or two) both slow? Perform ssh -vvv user@host from the client to see where it waits. If that does not help, you might stop the SSH service (if you have other ways to access the host) and start SSH in the foreground with debugging on: sshd -Dd. Then try to make a SSH connection ...


s/755/2775/ You're setting the owner to apache, denying group write permissions, and using newuser to attempt to upload. Given your scheme, you want to allow group write permissions, and I recommend 2775 versus 775 in order to keep new files owned by the apache group at creation.


check to see if you have another FTP service currently running on the machine netstat -anp | grep :21 if it is occupying the port, vsftpd can't start.


As indicated by netstat, vsftpd is actually running. service restart is enough to start it, you don't need to run vsftpd separately (and as you found out, you can't). If you want to use an inetd daemon instead, there are a number of possibilities in Wheezy: xinetd inetutils-inetd openbsd-inetd

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