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There could be numerous amount of issues why you can't connect with the browser or filezilla but you need to eliminate issues in order to get it resolved. I know that on filezilla, if you have vsftp on AWS you have to set the FTP transfer mode. Also with browsers, make sure you type in ftp://username@domain-addr it should prompt you with a password panel. ...


If all you want to do is upload a few files every now and then, I suggest using MobaXterm. I use it since I always need a terminal and rarely copy files. The nice thing about this solution is that it removes the need to have an ftp daemon running on the remote system. I open an ssh session, check the "Display SFTP browser" option and then copy the files. ...


The short answer: use mandatory- or role-based-access control. See update 2 below. Yes, ftp is inherently insecure. sftp and scp address some of that insecurity, though not the issue that concerns you of hiding parts of the filesystem. Maybe what you need is an NFS volume? According to the vsftpd faq, the problem with chroot is it gives the user ...


PAM won’t let you authorise the user if their shell isn’t listed in /etc/shells. Change the user shell to a correct nologin: # chsh -s $(command -v nologin) user3 And make sure it is listed in /etc/shells: # grep "$(command -v nologin)" /etc/shells || echo "$(command -v nologin)" >> /etc/shells

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