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You are correct in determining the root cause of the error - could not bind listening IPv4 socket means that something is already listening to port 21 (the default ftp server port). To stop the currently running vsftpd correctly: sudo service vsftpd stop Once you've done that, start your daemon with the customised init script: sudo vsftpd ...


Just check this link it's working perfect for me This link describes how to create a chroot user to put them in jail Importantly describes how to login as user using su command http://wp.me/p6fueV-l


Here are steps to setup a user and allow the user access only via FTP (i.e. no SSH) and also limit access to a specific (user home) directory on proftpd: Add new user: adduser newusername Set password: passwd newusername Modify user home directory from default to a new folder: usermod -d /target/directory username Edit shells file: vi /etc/shells and add ...


I used Rahul Patil's suggestion above: chroot_local_user=YES local_root=/home/$USER/www-data user_sub_token=$USER But I couldn't understand why I was only able to log in with one user. Then I found that we couldn't chroot to a root directory (for this case, /home/$USER/www-data) that have a write access. So I remove the write access with: # chmod a-w ...

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