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Change the directory to allow listing file entries and write to it: chmod +rwx . Do not allow reading the files themselves: chmod -r * This works only for existing files. For new files use umask before starting your server: umask -- -r Read the man page of the command for more details.


You should set "lesstrust1" users home directory to /var/www/html/oxwall. usermod --home /var/www/html/oxwall lesstrust1 And add the following line to your vsftpd configuration file. chroot_local_user=YES


You could try the following in vsftp.conf:- anon_other_write_enable=YES The man page says:- If set to YES, anonymous users will be permitted to perform write operations other than upload and create directory, such as deletion and renaming. This is generally not recommended but included for completeness.


There are three protocols with "FTP" in their names : The "plain" old, unencrypted FTP, operates on port 21 The same, but with SSL added, generally referred to as FTPS, operates on port 21 or 990 The FTP-like protocol which is part of SSH, generally referred to as SFTP, operates on port 22 Usually, 1 and 2 are provided by the same program, such as ...


In spite of its name it supports FTP. The name VSFTPD stands for "Very Secure File Transport Protocol Daemon". abstract The FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used as one of the most common means of copying files between computers over the Internet. Most web based download sites use the built in FTP capabilities of web browsers and therefore most server ...


A restart job has to kill an old instance first. What is happening here is that there isn't an old copy to kill. I advise you to try this command instead: /etc/init.d/vsftpd restart


After about 3 hours, I think I figured out why it is not working. Selinux context public_content_t is required for files shared via an FTP server, unless associated with a user home directory and looks like /var/ftp/pub does not qualify for home directory. After I mounted ISO file, the security context of rhel changed to system_u:object_r:iso9660_t:s0 and ...

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