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For the most part, yes it is the same. The real differences you'll encounter when doing this as a host OS (compared to a client VM OS) is that VMs emulate very common hardware. If you real machine uses less common hardware you may need to install drivers which aren't usually needed in a VM. The other difference is going to be your hard drive setup. In a VM ...


you are able to ping and ssh to the VM, So I guess it is not a firewall problem, I guess your httpd service isn't running: try to run it using: service httpd start or: /etc/init.d/httpd start httpd should installed on centos by default!!!!, to install httpd you can simply do this on centos: yum install httpd to set the apache service to start on ...


VirtualBox will create a private network (10.0.2.x) which will be connected to your host network using NAT. (Unless configured otherwise.) This means that you cannot directly access any host of the private network from then host network. To do so, you need some port forwarding. In the network preferences of your VM you can for example configure that ...


I would sum it up this way : the base procedure will be exactly the same, though the results may differ. Here's where you may find the most significant changes : Drives configuration : your physical drive does not use the same technology, and does not have the same properties (size, ...) as the virtual one. Still, partitioning, formatting and mounting are ...


The RAM is freed as soon as you turn off the VM. So yes, if you delete it, the RAM is freed.


I was installing arch Linux over a previous Linux installation. Once I'd wiped the filesystem it all worked.


I had a similar problem (no yum and couldn't even ping the mirrorlist) and I had to go through the following steps to at least get to ping the mirrorlist: Set the network for one adapter to 'Attached to:' NAT as kumarprd said Change the file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 (for example using vi): BOOTPROTO=dhcp ONBOOT=yes NM_CONTROLLED=no ...

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