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Yes, there can be. If the system is I/O bound and CPU bound, -j2 will get more CPU being used while the other process is doing disk I/O. However, increasing the number of processes requesting from the disk could make it slower due to contention for disk head movement. As Stephen Kitt said, test it. time make clean all time make -j 2 clean all time make -j ...


If you're only checking for VirtualBox and don't need to cater for all hypervisors, there's a quick and dirty way - check for the presence of VirtualBox devices. lshw | grep VirtualBox lspci | grep VirtualBox I'm not sure if you'll have either or both of lshw and lspci but you can always install them as part of your custom installation (or, check the ...


I had the same problem and checked the "Enable EFI (special OSes only)" extended feature and it started working.


Short answer: no. Hyper-V features are for hosting virtual machines (VMs). As far as I know, you cannot host hardware-accelerated VMs from a VM. Kind of by definition, VMs are hosted from a host. If Linux is your host, Hyper-V is not the host. (I guess it is possible to emulate an entire VM using software, without hardware-acceleration, but this makes the ...


You forgot to resize the filesystem. See man resize2fs (for ext4) or man btrfs-filesystem (for btrfs).


As you're already using it, I'd recommend tmux as fully supports copy and paste - see the manual page for more information. You can see the current key bindings by using the tmux list-keys command - look for the begin-selection, copy-selection and paste-buffer commands in that list. By default, the bindings are: [ - Start copy/paste mode h, j, k, l - vi ...

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