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this might work.. It did work for me: # apt-get update # apt-get install xorg and then try startx


You are trying to use KVM, a hardware assisted hypervisor, inside virtualbox, where this is not supported. What you are trying to do is called nested virtualization, and vbox is a poor choice for such a powerful feature. Without --enable-kvm you end up using pure qemu, i.e. emulation and not virtualization, which is terribly slow indeed. So, really, ...


If you believe it's just a load issue you may have to either configure limits.conf or put it in a cgroup and limit resources such that there's always a healthy amount of memory and cpu available at any given point in time. It will slow down the indexing (which would likely finish on its own eventually even with a blackout) but the VM should remain usable in ...


Unmount shares as root Make required changes with chown and chmod reboot and checkout the shares are with proper rights


You don't have a GATEWAY line for the NAT adapter. I'd also recommend that you use Bridged for the Internet adapter. It creates a lot fewer problems. I would only use NAT for a guest OS that didn't have effective inbound security, so I wanted to rely on the host OS's firewall and such. Once you do that, you won't need the host-only adapter. The bridged ...


I'm not sure af the exact cause of your woes, but networking virtual machines can be complicated. Your computer is acting as a NAT router for your VM(s), and so it has to manage port forwarding and address translation, among many other things. One way of eliminating these problems can be to use bridged networking instead. Instead of providing address ...

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