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You need to give it some cache when playing from stdin cat /dev/video1 | mplayer -cache 1024 - Without that cache option you'll get the error "Seek failed Cannot seek backward in linear streams"


It seems that Iceweasel had GStreamer support disabled in 24.5 (details) due to dependency issues. You have a few options here. Install non-libre Firefox via packages. There is a good rundown on how to do that here - see the accepted answer. Install Iceweasel from source. alpertek has already covered that very comprehensively. Switch from the stable ...


This may not be the best solution but here is how i recompiled iceweasel: Firstly install build essentials package: sudo apt-get install build-essential Then get the source files of iceweasel: apt-get source iceweasel This will download source files. After uncompresing there will be a folder iceweasel-[version]. Enter the folder. Install build ...


By default Firefox does not support H.264. Instead firefox uses system's default decoders to play h.264 encoded HTML5 videos. So you have installed the necessary packages but the ffmpeg package provided by Debian repositories doesn’t support H.264 due to patent restrictions. Adding Non-Free sources and update:- echo "deb http://www.deb-multimedia.org ...


You may want to upgrade to Firefox 26, and I do mean Firefox. Mozilla has been involved in a legal battle with MPEG-LA (the copyright holders of H.264, including MPEG/2/3/4) since at least 2010. Perhaps the Iceweasel fork doesn't have Mozilla's weight when it comes to licensing agreements, perhaps patented codecs go against the Iceweasel/Debian ideology. ...


That looks like one of the problems you can work around with options in /etc/adobe/mms.cfg to disable the broken features. See Flash video appears blue and maybe Disable hardware acceleration for Flash player in Linux.


Try installing the x264 package: # apt-get install x264


Figured it out. If anyone is interested, here's a solution: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/213149

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