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Here is a solution using yad, bash only (no php), with one dialog: #!/bin/bash eval $(yad --width=400 --form --field=input:FL --field=start --field=end --field=output:SFL "" "00:00:00" "00:00:00" "" | awk -F'|' '{printf "INPUT=\"%s\"\nSTART=%s\nEND=%s\nOUTPUT=\"%s\"\n", $1, $2, $3, $4}') [[ -z $INPUT || -z $START || -z $END || -z $OUTPUT ]] && ...


You can Use Zenity as follows:- For File-selection: file=$(zenity --file-selection --file-filter='*.mp4 *.mp3 *.avi') or file=$(zenity --file-selection --title="Select Input File" --file-filter='*.mp4' --file-filter='*.mp3' --file-filter=*.avi) For Text-Entry: startchop=$(zenity --entry --text=startchop) stopchop=$(zenity --entry --text=stopchop) ...


If you don't mind the program being GUI, with Blender's video editor you can do that and much much more.

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