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The "|" is a pipe command. Some programs take their input from a pipe, such as "less" or "more". If you run the following command: $ ls -l | less The output of "ls" will be piped through the pager, "less". If you want to run one command then the other from the same line without the pipe you would either use ";" or "&&" (which is probably what ...


Add this line after set -o vi: bind -m vi-command ".":insert-last-argument Then you can use Alt+. like in emacs-mode. Or use history expansion, working in both: !$:p


The use of uppercase letters as global marks is persistent and, in general, you cannot change this. But for each letter, you can: nnoremap ma mA nnoremap `a `A nnoremap 'a 'A


All listed keys by you are used. You can inspect a key in vim with :help: :help <key> for example: :help v or checkout this vim cheat sheet.

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