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Also, FYI, in GUI version of Vim: gui is for formatting (as opposite of cterm) guifg is for foreground color (as opposite of ctermfg) guibg is for background color (as opposite of ctermbg)


This is not how it works. The choice of packages installed by default is typically driven by practical needs. There is no single practical reason to add particularly emacs into a default installation, unless you are installing a distribution specifically focused on emacs users, if there is anything like that at all. A typical linux distribution by default ...


The direct answer is probably that vi is part of the POSIX standard (as @jasonwryan also mentioned in a comment), as well as the Single UNIX Specification. As such, anything that calls itself POSIX-compliant probably includes something vi-like, and anything that wants to call itself UNIX has to, or you don't get certified. Not just vi, but the related line ...


:help i_CTRL-V_digit In insert-mode, type control+V followed by a decimal number x then a hex number u then a 4-hexchar unicode sequence U then an 8-hexchar unicode sequence


If u want to delete all lines in a file you can use this command: > filename Suppose you have a file named example.txt which contains some data and you want remove all lines from this file. To do this you can issue this command: > example.txt After typing this you will get an empty file.

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