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I suppose that you can use vi. There is a workaround: crontab -l > crontab.txt vi crontab.txt crontab crontab.txt You can make your modifications in the crontab.txt.


execute on the command line AND put the following in your ~/.profile (or ~/.bash_profile or whatever is appropriate for your shell): EDITOR='/bin/vi' VISUAL='/bin/vi' export EDITOR VISUAL Depending on your shell, you might even be able to do something like this: EDITOR=$(type -p vim || type -p vi || type -p nvi) VISUAL="$EDITOR" export EDITOR VISUAL


The vi command %s/\([a-z]\),\([A-Z]\)/\1 \2/g will change y,S T,d 5,e into y S T,d 5,e


$ echo 'Bourbon,Glazed,Turkey,' | sed 's/\([a-z]\),\([A-Z]\)/\1 \2/g' Bourbon Glazed Turkey, $ So in vi it's the same: :%s/\([a-z]\),\([A-Z]\)/\1 \2/g


I think your file-type setting have gone some how wrong. At least in my VIM, python is in minor letter. what happen when you set the file type manually? :setf python


With PuTTY, you can press shiftInsert as an alternative to middle-mouse pasting (and have fewer problems with inserting into the wrong place). I do this to select/paste passwords, for instance. Here are a few related questions: How do I paste the Windows clipboard into my PuTTY session, using only the keyboard? PuTTY how to select text and copy text ...


If you're doing this in X such as KDE or Gnome, then once you select the text it will be in your X server's "primary selection keyboard". You don't explicitly copy the text, only select. Then, make sure vi is in insert mode, place your cursor in the vi window, and click the middle mouse button. Select text in any window (which copies into the X "primary ...

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