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In vi you need to enter the key sequence for each of the 2 special characters, not the ascii chars for their display (if you place the cursor on them you'll see the entire ascii sequence is highlighted): Ctrl+v, x, 9, 3 instead of <93> Ctrl+v, x, 9, 4 instead of <94> So the search cmd would look something like this: :%s /Ctrl+v, x, 9, ...


With sed, you can use literal characters: sed -e 's/”/"/g' -e 's/“/"/g' file or using perl with Unicode code point: perl -CSD -pe 's/\x{201C}|\x{201D}/"/g' file


Hey if you use the chrome browser you can install the Secure Shell add on/app its quite simple to SSH over LAN or WAN. And it provides the functionality you are looking for. Simply copy from a different source and doubletap in the console to paste or if you want to copy from the console highlight the text and it automatically copies the selected text. If ...


Due to how the browser DOM security model works, this kind of web interface cannot easily access the system clipoboard (or else random web pages could steal the clipboard content). Your problem is not related to SSH or vi and the intelligent choice would be to use a native SSH client (e.g. Putty).


Yank is a synonym for pull: it captures the concept of pulling text to the buffer or clipboard for later use. As to why Bill Joy chose to use this term, I can only speculate that as p was already in use (an abbreviation for put) he wanted an mnemonic that was a single letter (as per the design of vi's progenitor, ed and then ex ) and evocative of the ...

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