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As a rule, the older programs have more known bugs, and their risk can be gauged. It is common to backport selected fixes to stable versions of programs. Newer releases have more unknowns, and their risk cannot be as easily gauged.


If your server use the original System V init daemon, you can use as well the /etc/inittab file.


You are running embedded Linux, so it is somewhat limited in functionality. You seem however to have Sys V init, so we can emulate an rc.local for you. Create a file /etc/rc.local with the instructions you need, and run this command: #ln -s /etc/rc.local /etc/rc5.d/S99rclocal or if you have sudo: $sudo ln -s /etc/rc.local /etc/rc5.d/S99rclocal


I just ran into this problem myself, and it took quite a bit of searching to find the answer! So here it is, and it works for me. To use multiple versions of unison, install unison-all. Then... Using multiple versions of Unison on the client Choose a specific version to run by appending the version number, like so: unison-2.40 ... Or, if you want to ...


$ rmadison gdm3 gdm3 | 2.30.5-6squeeze2 | squeeze-security | i386 gdm3 | 2.30.5-6squeeze5 | squeeze | i386 gdm3 | 3.4.1-8 | wheezy | i386 gdm3 | 3.14.1-7 | jessie | i386 gdm3 | 3.18.0-2 | stretch | i386 gdm3 | 3.18.0-2 | sid | i386 from devscripts.deb

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