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You're question is pretty general, so I'll just take a little stab at the NetBSD part: The webpage of NetBSD's vax port lists supported machines (such as yours), many can use NetBSD 6.0.1, some are only supported in -current. It also points to VAXarchive, a website collection some information that might help you further. It also points to the vax port of ...


I haven't had the honour of playing with a VAX, but OpenBSD 5.2 has mg, a mini emacs clone. So if you can't compile emacs, mg should do. :)


My answer is to the "any suggestions" part of your question. While you hunt down a terminal, note that if you have another computer with a serial port, you can use a null modem cable and a terminal emulator program to connect to the console. On windows you can use putty, tip on solaris, or minicom on linux. (if you have USB but no serial port, you can use ...


Install OpenBSD in a VAX emulator in your fastest machine. Download the ports repo from the CVS and compile some version of emacs. Share the directory with the packages compiled using NFS and install the wanted packages.


First make sure your CHARON-VMS instance has working IPv4. For example, make sure it can ping a host on your network. Also make sure that SYS$MANAGER:DECW$PRIVATE_SERVER_SETUP.COM allows TCP: decw$server_transports == "DECNET,LOCAL,TCPIP". Then log in from your Linux box using ssh -Y or ssh -X and run an X11 application (for example RUN ...


Are you sure it only lets you use one disk? It asks you for a root disk to install the bootloader. You should select the smaller disk and select manual partitioning. Read the manual for disk label or, if you know what you are doing, the installer help. After you set this disk up, other disks should be offered for setup in a list. Enter the name of the ...


Which Unix version to install on the VAX? Original UC Berkeley BSD Unix? OpenBSD? NetBSD? Ultrix if I can get a legal copy? AT&T Unix? I'd go with NetBSD, but there is also a Linux port that may support 4000m90. There is no FreeBSD port. Original (4.x) BSD does not have CPU support code for this model, and neither do Ultrix and AT&T Unix. ...

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