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Sample pattern for multiple files (intersection in this case): eval `perl -le 'print "cat ",join(" | grep -xF -f- ", @ARGV)' t*` Expands to: cat t1 | grep -xF -f- t2 | grep -xF -f- t3 Test files: seq 0 20 | tee t1; seq 0 2 20 | tee t2; seq 0 3 20 | tee t3 Output: 0 6 12 18


Here is a way to do it almost purely in bash, just needs 'bc' for the floating point math. function bytesToHR() { local SIZE=$1 local UNITS="B KiB MiB GiB TiB PiB" for F in $UNITS; do local UNIT=$F test ${SIZE%.*} -lt 1024 && break; SIZE=$(echo "$SIZE / 1024" | bc -l) ...


To build and install bluez without using system packages, you need to extract the tarball somewhere and then use the standard three-step build dance: tar xf bluez-5.33.tar.xz cd bluez-5.33 ./configure && make sudo make install You may need to add options to ./configure, in particular --prefix if you want to install it somewhere other than the ...

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