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You can use objdump. See man objdump. For example -d option for disassemble (there are a lot of options): objdump -d a.o Another useful programs are included in binutils.


user@host:/usr$ alias duh="du -s -B1 * | sort -g | numfmt --to=iec-i --format='%10f'" user@host:/usr$ duh Gives: 4.0Ki games 3.9Mi local 18Mi include 20Mi sbin 145Mi bin 215Mi share 325Mi src 538Mi lib Unfortunately I can't figure out how to get two decimals accuracy. Tested on Ubuntu 14.04.


Does a system call function often but not always have a command or utility in shell? Sometimes. System calls that are useful to expose, are usually exposed. A shell that couldn't change directories would not be a very useful shell. Some of them, like chdir, are implemented as shell builtins, because they can only affect the process that called them. ...

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