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You have to check man passwd: If the encrypted password is set to an asterisk (*), the user will be unable to login using login(1), but may still login using rlogin(1), run existing processes and initiate new ones through rsh(1), cron(8), at(1), or mail filters, etc. Trying to lock an account by simply changing the ...


This means that it is a disabled login. You cannot login with that username. It is a user that is used for running services. Check https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passwd#Password_file


The accounts with passwords are the accounts with a glob of base64 gibberish in the second field: root:8sh9JBUR0VYeQ:0:0:Super-User,,,,,,,:/:/bin/ksh lp:VvHUV8idZH1uM:9:9:Print Spooler Owner:/var/spool/lp:/bin/sh This computer appears to be using the traditional, DES-based crypt(3) password hash. This hash is quite weak by modern standards; if you can't ...


You can use NFSv3 to map on user and group IDs. If you don't want to map on IDs use NFSv4 instead which maps on user- and groupnames. So if you have two different clients who have a user called user-host-a and user-host-b who both have UID 500 they both have access to the files when NFSv3 is used. When you have two different clients who have a user called ...


Reading between the lines, what you want to configure is two-factor authentication. This will require an additional "piece of information" in addition to the password for the user to log in. There are a multitude of ways of implementing it, but a few popular options are: The open source Google Authenticator. Using a third party product like YubiKey - see ...


Reset the user by moving everything in /home/faultyuser to a backup directory like this: mkdir /home/faultyuser/BACKUP mv /home/faultyuser/* /home/faultyuser/BACKUP mv /home/faultyuser/.* /home/faultyuser/BACKUP cp -v /etc/skel/.[a-z]* /home/faultyuser/ chown faultyuser:faultyuser /home/faultyuser/.* and try to login. When this works, move all you need ...


A quick search turned up Two Factor SSH Setup which is a simple walkthrough of the steps required for setup.

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