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On old unix when you create a user,you must tell to create home. So correct way is useradd -g other -m -d /home/utente passwd utente chown utente /home/utente chgrp utente /home/utente chmod 755 /home/utente of course replace utente with your name. If you want admin user,must use root as group ,but is dangerous,better use normal user and use su - for ...


Under Debian 8, useradd is under passwd. I have version 4.2-3 installed. useradd(8) man page provides each option and how it is set on the command line and where if any place it is set in a configuration file, typically this in /etc/default/useradd. USERGROUPS_ENAB for example is specified in /etc/login.defs, not /etc/default/useradd. Defaults are given in ...

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