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To change the location of Mailbox, include the below line in the file '/etc/postfix/' virtual_mailbox_base = /Location/Mail/ If you don't want to create home directory(i.e non Unix Account user) then include the below line in the file '/etc/postfix/' virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/userlist Once you added these files in Postfix, ...


The easiest way is to set the mail_spool_directory to the new directory: sudo postconf mail_spool_directory=/Location/Mail/ For this to work, home_mailbox must be empty: sudo postconf home_mailbox= However, your server might be set up to use a different command to write deliver mails to a user. The mailbox_command parameter might have been set (e.g. ...


The --repository or --root options may work as a alternative to the -p in SLES11. -r, --repository REPOSITORY change password in REPOSITORY repository -R, --root CHROOT_DIR Apply changes in the CHROOT_DIR directory and use the configuration files from the CHROOT_DIR directory.

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