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Your mouse presents itself as a HID (Human interface device) usb class device. You can remove the device from the kernel HID driver's control by finding the hex vendor and device id of it and giving it to libhid-detach-device. Eg: lsusb ... Bus 003 Device 013: ID 046d:c05a Logitech, Inc. M90/M100 Optical Mouse ... sudo libhid-detach-device 046d:c05a


There is no thing as default autostart from a removable device in the DEs I know. So the only malicious code executed would bugs in the filesystem (unlikely) and bugs in the applications used to open the files. I would search for known security problems in the programs used (like LibreOffice etc). Where to find these depends on the program and the ...


Each type of USB device sends data in its own way. It's up to the driver to decide what to do with the data. For data sent through a serial device, simply read from /dev/ttyUSBn. </dev/ttyUSB0 awk ' {data += $0} /record end/ {print $0 | "process-one-record #" NR} '


This is simple syntax error. You are entering the wrong commands and for the wrong reasons. Assuming your OpenWRT install has the required packages (block mount, filesystem kmod, etc.), your issues are: Step 5. You are trying to cd (change directory) into a device. /dev/sdc is a 'special file' (aka a device) not a directory. Step 9. You created /media/usb ...

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