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Yes this is possible, but it is not possible by cutting two USB cables with USB-A connectors (what is normally going into the USB on your motherboard) and cross connecting the data cables. If you connect the USB power lines on such a self made cable, you are likely to end up frying your on-board USB handling chip. Don't try this at home! On most computer ...


If I am correct, D means the process is being killed? Nope, it means the process is in an uninterruptible sleep. Sometimes this can be very problematic if the "sleep" is the kernel busy loop waiting on I/O; such processes can grind the system to a halt and there is not much that can be done, because you cannot kill them. However, it may also be ...


you could use a USB bridge device which is available in a cable form-factor like this ... http://www.usbgear.com/link/ (auto-play video warning)


lsusb uses syscalls to read hardware information from the USB bus. If your USB bus is not configured correctly or there is a device which won't reply, the syscall will block until timeout. Perhaps you should plug one USB device at a time and issue lsusb command each time to find out which device (or combination of devices) is causing trouble. Signals are ...


Some advances, (I will edit this answer if/when I find a proper final solution). After doing a full backup of the device using @INDIVIDUAL-IT's dd command (I think using a bs=1M made the transfer painfully slow though). I was not able to mount the backup file, but a # dd if=backup.img of=backup-skip.img bs=1M skip=4 did create a mountable file ...


Maybe this is not obvious enough from the documentation, but: once you have that bootable USB media and boot it to the live environment, there is a window with two big choices: Try Fedora or Install to Hard Drive: Hopefully, everything should be clear from there. (And if you choose to "try" initially and close that window, there is an installer icon on ...


As you already mentioned you're using W8.1 Some things you might have a look at: SecureBoot AHCI General Problems / Usage for (Linux)/Ubuntu with newer hardware-> UEFI Troubleshooting

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